How to install wallpaper in Barrie

How to install wallpaper in Barrie

How to Install Wallpaper in Barrie: A Step-by-Step Guide

Wallpaper can transform the look and feel of any room, adding personality and style to your home or office in Barrie. Whether you’re looking to create a bold statement wall or add a subtle touch of texture, installing wallpaper can be a rewarding DIY project. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of installing wallpaper in Barrie, providing valuable insights, tips, and tricks along the way.

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Choosing the Right Wallpaper

The first step in installing wallpaper is selecting the right type and design that suits your style and the room’s purpose. Here are some factors to consider:

1. What are the different types of wallpaper available?

There are various types of wallpaper available, including:

  • Traditional wallpaper: This type requires adhesive to be applied to the back before hanging.
  • Pre-pasted wallpaper: It has adhesive already applied to the back, activated by wetting it.
  • Peel-and-stick wallpaper: This type has a self-adhesive backing, making it easy to install and remove.
  • Textured wallpaper: It adds depth and dimension to the walls, perfect for creating an accent wall.

Consider the room’s humidity levels, traffic, and your personal preferences when choosing the type of wallpaper.

2. How do I select the right design and pattern?

When selecting a design and pattern, consider the following:

  • The size of the room: Large patterns may overwhelm small spaces, while small patterns may get lost in larger rooms.
  • The room’s purpose: Choose a design that complements the room’s function. For example, a calming pattern for a bedroom or a vibrant design for a living room.
  • Your personal style: Select a design that reflects your personality and complements the existing decor.

Order a sample or use online visualization tools to see how the wallpaper will look in your space before making a final decision.

Preparing the Wall

Properly preparing the wall is crucial for a successful wallpaper installation. Follow these steps:

1. Clean the wall

Ensure the wall is clean, smooth, and free from any dust, dirt, or grease. Use a mild detergent and warm water to wash the wall, and allow it to dry completely before proceeding.

2. Repair any imperfections

Inspect the wall for any cracks, holes, or imperfections. Fill them with spackling compound or joint compound, and sand the area smooth once it’s dry. This will ensure a smooth surface for the wallpaper.

3. Prime the wall

Applying a primer to the wall before hanging the wallpaper helps the adhesive bond better and prevents the wallpaper from peeling or bubbling. Use a primer suitable for your wall type and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Measuring and Cutting the Wallpaper

Accurate measurements and proper cutting are essential for a seamless wallpaper installation. Follow these steps:

1. Measure the wall

Measure the height and width of the wall you plan to wallpaper. Add a few inches to each measurement to allow for trimming and adjustments.

2. Calculate the number of rolls needed

Consult the wallpaper manufacturer’s instructions to determine the coverage per roll. Divide the total square footage of the wall by the coverage per roll to determine the number of rolls needed.

3. Cut the wallpaper

Using the measurements, cut the wallpaper into strips, allowing a few extra inches at the top and bottom for adjustments. Use a straight edge and a sharp utility knife for clean cuts.

Applying Wallpaper Adhesive

Applying the right adhesive is crucial for a secure and long-lasting wallpaper installation. Follow these steps:

1. Read the manufacturer’s instructions

Each wallpaper adhesive may have specific instructions, so it’s important to read and follow them carefully.

2. Mix the adhesive

If using traditional wallpaper or pre-pasted wallpaper, mix the adhesive according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure the adhesive is smooth and free from lumps.

3. Apply the adhesive

Using a paint roller or a wallpaper brush, apply the adhesive evenly to the back of the wallpaper. Be sure to cover the edges and corners thoroughly.

Hanging the Wallpaper

Now comes the exciting part – hanging the wallpaper on the prepared wall. Follow these steps:

1. Start at a corner

Begin at a corner of the wall and align the edge of the wallpaper with the plumb line. Leave a few inches of excess wallpaper at the top and bottom for trimming.

2. Smooth out the wallpaper

Using a wallpaper brush or a smoothing tool, gently smooth out the wallpaper from the center towards the edges to remove any air bubbles or wrinkles.

3. Match the pattern

If your wallpaper has a pattern, ensure each strip is aligned correctly to create a seamless look. Overlapping the edges slightly can help achieve a perfect match.

Trimming and Finishing

Once the wallpaper is hung, it’s time to trim the excess and add the finishing touches. Follow these steps:

1. Trim the excess

Using a sharp utility knife and a straight edge, carefully trim the excess wallpaper at the top and bottom. Take care not to damage the wall or the wallpaper.

2. Smooth the edges

Using a wallpaper smoother or a damp sponge, gently smooth the edges of the wallpaper to ensure a clean and seamless finish.

3. Clean up

Remove any adhesive residue or excess paste from the wallpaper using a damp sponge or cloth. Clean up any tools or materials used during the installation process.

Frequently Asked Questions about “How to Install Wallpaper in Barrie”

1. Can I install wallpaper over existing wallpaper?

It is generally not recommended to install wallpaper over existing wallpaper, as it can lead to bubbling, peeling, or an uneven surface. It’s best to remove the existing wallpaper before installing a new one.

2. How long does wallpaper installation take?

The time required for wallpaper installation depends on the size of the room, the complexity of the design, and your experience level. On average, it can take anywhere from a few hours to a full day.

3. Can I install wallpaper in a bathroom or kitchen?

Yes, you can install wallpaper in a bathroom or kitchen. However, it’s important to choose a wallpaper specifically designed for high humidity areas to prevent damage or peeling. Additionally, ensure proper ventilation in these rooms.

4. How do I remove wallpaper if I want to change it?

To remove wallpaper, start by scoring the surface with a wallpaper scoring tool. Then, apply a wallpaper removal solution or a mixture of warm water and fabric softener to loosen the adhesive. Gently peel off the wallpaper using a putty knife or a wallpaper scraper.

5. Can I hire professionals to install wallpaper in Barrie?

Yes, if you prefer to leave the installation to professionals, you can hire experienced wallpaper installers in Barrie. They have the expertise and tools to ensure a flawless and efficient installation.


Installing wallpaper in Barrie can be a rewarding DIY project that adds beauty and character to your space. By choosing the right wallpaper, preparing the wall properly, measuring and cutting accurately, applying adhesive correctly, hanging the wallpaper with care, and finishing with precision, you can achieve a professional-looking result. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and take your time to ensure a successful installation. If you prefer, you can always hire professionals to handle the installation for you. Now, it’s time to unleash your creativity and transform your walls with stunning wallpaper designs!

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